I earned over 13,000$ in residual income with an initial investment of 500$ since June. Now, during the month of October, I will be writing multiple posts sharing how exactly I did this so that you can do the same. Keep reading to learn how to make over 13k in residual income!

This blog post is part of my October special! This month is solely dedicated to sharing my knowledge so you can repeat the success I had with BitConnect. I’ve made over 13,000 $ at  this point in passive income over 4 months and you can do the same! Just follow my blog closely and become a side hustler.

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If you haven’t seen my previous posts and haven’t signed up with Bitconnect or Coinbase (wallet) already, make sure to do so now using my link. The support I get from the referrals helps me keep the blog running and do more research on all sorts of cryptocurrencies! Here’s my link:


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Spreading the Word

So, this October special started with a post on how to start a blog. This was important because 1: it was what I did, and I’m being 100% step-by-step and transparent with this tutorial series, and 2: having an online social presence is a huge part in making residual income. You could say it’s technically optional, but I would argue that it’s not. Getting in with the whole community will ensure you are up to date, and can check what others are doing to help you make your financial and investing decisions. Plus, if you invest with Bitconnect and want even more residual income on top of what you will get as a baseline, you will need referrals.

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So, after choosing a name that was available across all the channels I wanted (which is the hardest part of all this!), I opened accounts on:


If you don’t know what it is, you have some general catching up to do!

Make sure you join some relevant groups – these can be general cryptocurrency or Bitconnect groups. You could also search within your local area for people and groups that might be really relevant to you. These groups can offer a lot of inside and opportunity to interact with others and trade information.

Hashtags work for facebook (for public posts), so make sure to use them here.


An image-sharing app that is hugely popular. You can potentially reach a lot of people through here, and it’s very easy to keep up. Mostly for community and seeing what everyone’s up to.

Hashtags aren’t so big with Facebook, but Instagram is where you’ll definitely need to use them. Try searching for and using #cryptocurrency #money #financialfreedom #residualincome or more specifically, #bitconnect etc. You will find a community of like-minded people with good questions and answers.

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Great for getting news updates.  The community is quite active here, so it’s worth it to have a look.

Remember to use the hashtags here as well. It’s handy to have your twitter linked to Instagram or Facebook too.


Also a very active community here for crypto enthusiasts. Telegram is a chatting app, where you can join a group or channels and get into a relevant conversation.

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In the end, you’re probably already on a lot of these sites or apps. Then it’s just a question of tuning it to find and interact with the social groups relevant to you – where you can find information, help, and also promote yourself, of course.

If you like to stay away from all these things, that’s also fine – you can still get information without necessarily signing up, and you will still make money with Bitconnect or other options. But if you have the extra time and no morally principled stand against social media, it is well worth it.

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How to make over 9,000 $ in 3 months

Step 1: Setting up a blog

Step 2: Research

Step 3: Buying Bitcoins

Step 4: Investing With Bitconnect


The Referral System


Further reads

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Otherwise, please leave any questions or feedback in the comments, and feel free to connect with me on Telegram.

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