As you may know, this month of October is all about taking you through the exact step-by-step process I did to make over $13,000 since June in passive income. Today I will be talking about how it’s been going. If you want more insight into how to earn thousands in passive income, keep reading!

Firstly, I want to thank you all for your support during this October special! Thank you for your questions and comments, and the support on my Instagram! If you don’t already, make sure you follow me there for updates and future giveaways 😉 I also want to thank you all for your patience – it takes me some time to get through your questions! I run the blog in my spare time which is sometimes not that often.

So, please continue to support me by using my link, because it helps keep all this going!

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Now, for all of you who are curious, here are my total earnings so far:

Status / My investment

Investment started: 2017-06-10

Total investment: 4,000.00 $

Total earned: 13,024.10 $

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-22 um 17.48.03.png copy

SO – when I first started the October special, I had made just over $9,000 – hence the title images. By the first time I updated on the special on Oct 8th, I had made $ 10,460.02. (See here.)

As you have worked out, that means I just made around $4,000 this month alone in residual income.

giphy (3).gif

Enough said.

And that’s just my earnings – based off of just a 500$ initial investment. Thousands of others have made huge amounts of money – millionaires are being made daily.

Haven’t signed up yet? What are you waiting for?


Still feeling unsure? I’ve written a lot on how exactly it all works:

After all that, if you’ve finally decided to invest in BitConnect, please use the following affiliate banner to support me. Why? Because I am going to keep you up to date and help you along the way with this and other investments.

bitconnect lending banner

The whole system works the best if everyone works together.

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The whole point of this blog, and especially the October special, is to help YOU make passive income – and a large part of that can come in from referrals. I will get referrals, you will get referrals, those people will get referrals, and in the end, everyone wins. There is absolutely nothing for you to lose in using my link, and it will help me keep this place running and helping other newbies get in on this $$$!


How to make over 9,000 $ in 3 months

Step 1: Setting up a blog

Step 2: Research

Step 3: Buy Bitcoins

Step 4: Invest with Bitconnect


Step 5: Reinvest 

Everything about the REFERRAL SYSTEM

Next: How to spread the word

Please leave any questions or feedback in the comments, and feel free to connect with me on Telegram.

Thank you everyone for your continuing support!

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