I earned over 12,000$ in residual income with an initial investment of 500$ since June. Now, during the month of October, I will be writing multiple posts sharing how exactly I did this so that you can do the same. Keep reading to learn about the referral system of BitConnect!

This blog post is part of my October special! This month is solely dedicated to sharing my knowledge so you can repeat the success I had with BitConnect. I’ve made over 12,000 $ at this point in passive income over 4 months and you can do the same! Just follow my blog closely and become a side hustler.

Make sure to follow the blog, my Instagram and Facebook – don’t miss out on a vital step in making thousands in residual income! The first step which is a general overview and the table of contents for the whole month can be found here:



So today I will be talking about one of the easiest, fastest, and risk-free ways to earn money with BitConnect, and that is the referral system.

Basically, people sign up with your link (mine is: https://bitconnect.co/?ref=maxinvest) and when they invest, you are paid out a percentage of that investment as a reward. A lot of things use referral or affiliate systems, and they all function in the same way – just the payouts will be different depending what the referral is for. In the case of BitConnect, you will receive 7% of the investment of your referral.

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Before I get into some nice examples below, I just want to clarify that referral and affiliate systems should not be looked down on! They may have accumulated a bit of a bad rep over the years but if you’re smart about everything you’re doing, I don’t see any reason why general referrals should be avoided, and especially in the case of BitConnect.

One of the main concerns with referrals is that people seem to think 7% of THEIR OWN money will be paid out to the person whose link they used. THAT IS NOT HOW IT WORKS! You will NOT ‘LOSE’ any part of YOUR investment.

If you invest using someone’s link, 7% of that number will be paid to that person BY BITCONNECT.

Example: You invest using my link  (thank you ;-)). You invest $1000. That number will not change – you have $1000 in your wallet and that is that. BitConnect however, will give me 7% (or 70$) for basically doing the mini-job of ‘recruiting’ someone. See it as marketing costs – instead of making big campaigns, they rely on people spreading the word and rewarding them.

So, no one loses ANYTHING by using a referral link – we can all only gain something. If you are going to sign up to BitConnect anyway, you should definitely consider using someone’s link. In this case, if you read my blog and it has helped you in any way at all, simply use my link so that the big company pays me out a little extra. I use these payouts to invest further and do more research in cryptocurrencies in general, so I can help people like you make money. Remember that you will also likely want referrals, so keep the network going!

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There are also levels, which is great:

Earn BitCoins with BitConnect Referral 1-2

So again: as soon as someone is using your referral link and investing money in BitConnect lending, you receive 7% of their investment as bonus. PLUS, if another person is using their referral link afterwards, you still receive 3% of that person’s investment as bonus. And so on.

And remember, no matter where you are in the levels, you will always be at the top of your own pyramid – you will always receive 7% of your direct referrals. Ex: If you are somebody else’s ‘level 5’ it doesn’t mean you are only getting 0.5%. You are still getting 7% of the person ‘under’ you.

That is why it is an absolutely great deal to use people’s links and get people to use your’s. No one loses.


  1. Person A is using your referral link and invest 500 $. Then you receive 35$ bonus from BitConnect.
  2. Person B is using the referral link of person A and invests 1,000 $. This means, not only person A is receiving 70 $ bonus, but you also receive 30 $.
  3. And so on…



Everyone wins using the referral system. It is literally just growing the community of people trying to reach financial freedom like you.

Just remember with investments in general: never invest money you cannot afford to lose! Don’t pressure people into investing large amounts just because you want a bonus. Investments like these can be really profitable but we should all be smart about it to reach maximum success.

So, the next question is: how does one get these referrals? I will be talking about this in my next post, so stay tuned!

And remember…

Use my referral link when signing up and investing because it helps me keep running this site and providing as much info and help I can for you guys!: https://bitconnect.co/?ref=maxinvest

It all works the best if we work together. No one loses anything by using a referral link, but makes someone’s day, or helps them run a blog. You will benefit from referrals too, so do consider giving back!


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Step 3: Buying Bitcoins

Step 4: Investing With Bitconnect


Step 5: Reinvest With BitConnect

Next: Investment Update on Sunday 22nd


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