I earned over 12,000$ in residual income with an initial investment of 500$ since June. Now, during the month of October, I will be writing multiple posts sharing how exactly I did this so that you can do the same. Keep reading to learn how to make over 12k in residual income!

This blog post is part of my October special! This month is solely dedicated to sharing my knowledge so you can repeat the success I had with BitConnect. I’ve made over 12,000 $ at  this point in passive income over 3 months and you can do the same! Just follow my blog closely and become a side hustler.

Make sure to follow the blog, my Instagram and Facebook – don’t miss out on a vital step in making thousands in residual income! The first step which is a general overview and the table of contents for the whole month can be found here:


So, earlier we covered how to actually buy Bitcoins and then we talked about investing them. Today, we discuss the reinvestment plan!


If you haven’t seen my previous posts and haven’t signed up with Bitconnect or Coinbase (wallet) already, make sure to do so now using my link. The support I get from the referrals helps me keep the blog running and do more research on all sorts of cryptocurrencies! Here’s my link:



One of the major benefits of BitConnect is the daily payout combined with the opportunity to reinvest, because this enables you to exploit the compound interest effect.

Use this handy calculator to check your possible earnings. (Do not forget that it offers a annual rate, but we receive it daily with BitConnect, therefore you need to adjust the “Years” to the amount of days, to get an accurate result.)

Check out my Excel sheet for a more detailed look on how the investment could look like on a day-to-day basis here: BitConnect-Calculator.

One of the best parts about Bitconnect is this compound interest effect, and in the beginning, I reinvested everything I had in my lending wallet. So, though I had an initial investment of 500$, after some rigorous reinvesting, I brought up my total active investment to 4000$. (I am using older screenshots for convenience.) Below you see I have 14.55 in my lending wallet marked in red and I will be reinvesting that.

Earn Bitcoins with BitConnect - Reinvest 1-1

To do so, I navigate to the Dashboard (on the left side of the page) and click on Reinvest.

Earn Bitcoins with BitConnect - Reinvest 1-2

In the following popup I click on both All >> buttons to make sure, the maximum amount of me lending wallet will be reinvested:

Earn Bitcoins with BitConnect - Reinvest 1-3

Unfortunately, BitConnect only allows you reinvests in steps of 10 $ (10 $, 20 $, 30 $, etc.), therefore although I have 14.55 $ in my lending wallet, I can only reinvest 10 $ of it. To proceed I have to click on Reinvest.

Earn Bitcoins with BitConnect - Reinvest 1-4

Last but not least, I confirm the reinvest of 10$ by clicking on Confirm:



As you can see on the screenshot, each reinvestment is a separate investment and the capital will be locked for a specific amount of time. In this case, the 10$ will be locked for 299 days.

And that’s it!


So, as I said before, I initially invested 500$ of my own money. Then, I reinvested every day until I hit the 4k mark. Because of this, I have made a grand total of over of 12k so far:

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-16 um 23.09.01

And as you can see, it is really not complicated to do so. So far in the October special we have covered everything from getting a wallet, buying the bitcoins, exchanging them, investing them, and now the last ‘crucial’ step, reinvesting. Just all this alone will be really good. However, remember that a lot can come in from referrals, which is why I included the step of creating a blog to attract attention in my step-by-step guide on making thousands off of BitConnect . Next I will be talking about how EXACTLY the whole referral system works, and how to get more referrals. I once received 700$ in one go from a referral, so imagine what could happen to you! So stick around and come back on Thursday for the next post!

And remember…

Use my referral link when signing up and investing because it helps me keep running this site and providing as much info and help I can for you guys!: https://bitconnect.co/?ref=maxinvest

It all works the best if we work together. No one loses anything by using a referral link, but makes someone’s day, or helps them run a blog. You will benefit from referrals too, so do consider giving back!


How to make over 9,000 $ in 3 months

Step 1: Setting up a blog

Step 2: Research

Step 3: Buying Bitcoins

Step 4: Investing With Bitconnect


Next: The referral system Thurs 19th


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Otherwise, please leave any questions or feedback in the comments, and feel free to connect with me on Telegram.

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