Halftime of the October special! The goal of this month is to take you through the exact step-by-step process I did to make over 9k (today it is already over 11!) since June in passive income. Today I will give you an update on my investment and – even more importantly – tell you the details of the giveaway I have planned. If you want more insight into how to earn thousands in passive income and learn how to participate in the giveaway event, keep reading.

First of all, I want to thank you all for your support over the past months! Thank you for your questions and comments, and the support on Instagram and Facebook! If you don’t already, make sure you follow me there for updates and the upcoming giveaway!

If you want to participate in the giveaway and have not invested in BitConnect yet, please support me by using my link:


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So before I talk about the details of the giveaway, here are my total earnings so far:

Status / My investment

Investment started: 2017-06-10

Total investment: 4,000.00 $

Total earned: 11,602.99 $

BitConnect: Over 9,000 passive income - Giveaway event - 1-1

As you can see, it’s still going very well. And since the start of the October special I earned more than 2,500 $. Pretty decent money, if you ask me.

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Giveaway special

So, while this October special is all about you – enabling YOU to copy that success and maybe make even more money in that timeframe – I want to introduce you to the special giveaway I prepared for the rest of the month.

How to participate?

So who wins?

The person that, by the end of the month of October, (October 31 23:59:59 UTC) has invested AND reinvested the highest amount on BitConnect, using my referral link.

To be clear: It is not only about your initial investment amount but the whole amount you invest in that time frame. If you invest 1,000 $ today and keep reinvesting daily you have a better chance to win than someone who is only makes one initial investment.


giphy (3)


  • Receive 10% of your investment (AND reinvestment) amount as BitConnect coins in your wallet.
  • I will give whichever of your pages you want (Instagram, Facebook, Blog etc) on my blog.
  • A private Q&A session regarding cryptocurrencies. You want to know more about cryptocurrencies and in which to invest in? I will help you!

The second place

  • Receive 5% of your investment (AND reinvestment) amount as BitConnect coins in your wallet.
  • A shoutout of your preferred page on my blog (Instagram, Facebook, Blog… whatever you prefer).

The third place

  • Receive 2% of your investment (AND reinvestment) amount as BitConnect coins in your wallet.
  • A shoutout of your preferred page on my blog (Instagram, Facebook, Blog… whatever you prefer).

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Remember; the whole system works the best if everyone works together. You lose absolutely nothing by using my referral link, and in this case, you can only gain something. You will have referrals too, so let’s all make sure to support each other.

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If you want to learn more about BitConnect, here I prepared some useful links to help you get a better grasp of it all:

After all that, in case you have decided to invest in BitConnect, please use the following affiliate banner to support me. Why? Because I am going to keep you up to date and help you along the way with this and other investments.

bitconnect lending banner


If you want to learn how I made over 9,000 $ passive income in the past 3 months, please check out my previous blog posts and follow my blog – more posts are coming!


How to make over 9,000 $ in 3 months

Step 1: Setting up a blog

Step 2: Research

Step 3: Buy Bitcoins

Step 4: Invest with Bitconnect

Next: Step 5 – Reinvest with Bitconnect coming Tuesday, 17 October

Thank you everyone for your continuing support!

If you have questions or feedback, leave them in the comments or feel free to connect with me on Telegram.

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Further reads

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